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The Many Reasons to Love Wussy by Robert Christgau
Wussy have been the best band in America since they released the first of their five superb albums in 2005, only nobody knows it except me and my friends. I’m oversimplifying, of course. Wussy are a moderately big deal in their unhip Cincinnati hometown, and in part because so many of my friends are rock critics, their 2011 Strawberry finished 109th in the 2011 Pazz & Jop Critics’ Poll — not bad for a band never once mentioned in Pitchfork. (Ever.) Nevertheless, they remain dishearteningly obscure.. read more

NPR’s Fresh Air

Wussy: Strong Work, and Not Without Pain by Ken Tucker
“It’s alright, we’ve got all night,” Cleaver and Walker sing in “Little Paper Birds,” the lead-off cut on their new album. And indeed, in their measured ways, Wussy’s songs do exude a serene confidence in the strength of the music. It conveys the delicacy and fragility of the emotions they want to describe.. read more

Village Voice

On the Cheerfully Combative Midwestern Noise Pop of Wussy by Rob Harvilla
It’s Tuesday night at the Cake Shop, and Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker, the delightfully volatile artistic heart of Cincinnati jangle-pop quartet Wussy, are onstage, before a small but adoring crowd, discussing their available merch… Their combative rapport remains. The show begins with “Little Paper Birds,” leadoff batter on their new, self-titled record, a soft, sweet, gauzy, country-ish ballad that evokes the lost-Americana romanticism of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’s bazillion-Grammy-winning Raising Sand, Chuck and Lisa’s voices intertwined in a similarly frail double helix, their mutual hostility just a touch more cryptic these days.. read more

Cincinnati CityBeat

Strawberry Letter #4: Wussy proves they’re ready for their close-up with fourth album by Brian Baker
With Strawberry, Wussy becomes the teacher, instructing the world on writing wonderfully seductive songs about the pain and pleasure of being together, as a band, as human beings, in and out of love.. read more

Cincinnati Magazine

The Ballad of Chuck & Lisa by Jason Cohen
Back in the day, Chuck Cleaver was frontman for the Ass Ponys, a brilliant little band. Now he’s in a band called Wussy, and the music is nothing short of genius. But at 50, is his life a boho idyll or a garden variety mess? Odds are, both.. read more


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